About Us

Culina Bakery is a small bakery which has been hand crafting a range of organic loaves since 1991.

We are committed to producing healthy organic bread with as few additives as possible.


Introducing Culina Bakery’s Biome Boost Spelt Bread with Prebiotic Resistant Starch

Recently we have been hearing more about the gut biome, the vast ecosystem of bacteria which inhabit our digestive systems.

Discovered in the 1980’s, resistant starch (a prebiotic dietary fibre) is resistant to digestion in the small intestine & passes intact into the large intestine where it is fermented by bacteria into short chain fatty acids of which butyrate is probably the best known.

Resistant starch is a food/fuel source for our good gut bacteria & has been associated with the improvement of many conditions as diverse as mental health, glycemic control & colon health. More research will no doubt confirm the beneficial attributes of resistant starch.

Many Western diets are low in resistant starch and while we are not claiming to have a product which will cure any number of illnesses & conditions, the addition of Culina Bakery’s Biome Boost Spelt Bread to a healthy diet will help to boost the daily intake of resistant starch in an easy, natural & convenient way.

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Rye Breads

Organic Rye Fruit Loaf

With juicy sultanas and apricots our Organic Rye Fruit Loaf makes excellent toast.

Organic Wholegrain Rye Bread

Traditionally associated with Europe rye bread is now universally popular.

Organic Wholegrain Rye Multigrain Bread

Our Organic Wholegrain Rye Multigrain Loaf has kibbled (coarsely chopped) rye and corn grains and is ideal for those who like a loaf with texture.


Other Grain Products

Organic Oat Bread

Our Organic Oat Bread is another source of slow digesting carbohydrates.

Organic Wholegrain Spelt Bread

Spelt is an easily digested ancient grain which fortunately, is genetically unaltered so we can enjoy its original texture and flavour.

Organic Millet Bread

Referred to as an ancient grain millet is actually a seed. One of our most popular loaves, our Organic Millet Bread is designed to promote a more alkaline blood PH.

Rice Bread

Our Biodynamic Rice Loaf is a good source of magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, selenium, iron, folic acid, thiamine and niacin.